Best Pet Insurance Companies

Best Pet Insurance Companies

The top pet insurance providers provide multiple forms of coverage options, from accident and illness plans to wellness add-ons and an annual maximum coverage limit.

Healthy Paws provides reasonable prices and an easy claims processing policy, typically taking only two days on average for claims to be processed. Furthermore, Healthy Paws’ non-profit foundation provides support for animals in need.

what is the best pet insurance

The top pet insurance providers offer a variety of premiums, deductibles, and annual coverage limits for premiums and annual policy limits to fit each pet owner’s needs. Furthermore, many of them also provide covered treatments and services and offer discounts for routine care plans and wellness plans.

Pet owners can select accident and illness policies, wellness plans, add-ons and add-ons that meet their pet’s specific needs from accident-and-illness policies, wellness plans and add-ons. One key component in our evaluation of pet insurance companies is whether they cover preexisting conditions; our top providers Embrace, ManyPets and Pets Best all cover select curable preexisting conditions as well as having low minimum annual coverage limits.

Figo provides flexible premium payment options, including monthly, quarterly and semiannual premium payments. They also have a mobile app which enables policyholders to access veterinary helplines, manage documents related to pet insurance policies and make payments. Their unique wellness benefits include acupuncture and chiropractic care reimbursement as well as physical therapy treatments reimbursement rates restrictions for physical therapy treatments x-rays dental cleanings with them also covering physical therapy treatment reimbursement rates restrictions hereditary conditions limitations and exclude certain procedures like hip dysplasia which most other providers include in coverage such as limited hereditary conditions coverage restrictions on reimbursement rates as well.

Pets Best provides several plan options, from accident-only and accident and illness coverage with wellness plans for regular care to personalized annual limits, deductibles and riders that you can tailor. It also features a 24/7 vet hotline as part of all policies – plus allows you to choose any veterinarian of your choice as well as reimburses mobility devices!

Pets Best has made the claims process seamless. You can submit an invoice either online, via email, fax, or mail; once submitted you will receive an Explanation of Benefits via email.

As with most insurers, Pets Best does not cover pre-existing conditions. In order to determine this status, they take an 18 month look back prior to policy effective date and exclude conditions present during this period from coverage – for example chronic illnesses or intervertebral disc injuries are considered pre-existing by Pets Best.

Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the top pet health insurers in the US. Offering both affordable accident-only and comprehensive accident and illness coverage options as well as Wellness Rewards add-on to help save on routine care, its policies are available across all 50 states, and included in CB Insights Expert Collection, an analyst-curated list designed to enable tech buyers shortlist vendors quickly and drive RFPs (Requests For Proposals).

This company offers flexible annual maximum, deductible, and reimbursement percentage options for its pet insurance policies. Their plans cover an extensive list of treatments including alternative medicine, behavioral therapy and stem cell treatment as well as hereditary, congenital and breed-specific conditions. In addition, this provider offers the longest money back guarantee in the industry at 30 days.

This top-rated pet insurance provider provides flexible wellness and accident and illness plans with fast claim processing times and compassionate customer support. Their website makes reviewing and making changes easy; while their mobile app enables payments, claims tracking, document submissions, and document payments on-the-go.

Spot Pet Insurance offers coverage for vet bills incurred when your pet becomes sick or injured, as well as preventative care plans at an affordable fee that include exams, lab tests, treatments, medications and travel coverage outside the US with your pet.

This company provides multiple plan options and reimbursement rates of 70%, 80%, and 90% for veterinarian visits without pre-approval or claim limits that fit your budget. They offer additional pets a 10% discount as well as offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Spot pet insurance offers an effective and cost-efficient solution to those seeking to cover medical bills for their animals, from injuries and illnesses such as dental cleanings and flea prevention, through workplace benefits programs or membership of certain associations. Plus, their mobile app makes managing policies and claims even simpler!

Lemonade stands out from other insurance companies by operating solely online from quote to claim settlement, using artificial intelligence (AI). Quotes can be generated instantly through an AI platform which automates most parts of the process and instantly provides quotes. Customers can manage their policies through its highly rated mobile app; unlike traditional insurers however, Lemonade does not employ live agents and does not offer permanent life coverage or whole life plans.

This company provides home, renters, car, life and pet health insurance policies at highly affordable rates. Home and renter policies come with bundle discounts for multiple policy holders or those who own multiple pets; car insurance costs less than average with roadside assistance included; equipment breakdown coverage add-ons like valuables coverage or pool liability can also be added for an added premium cost coverage option.

Lemonade Pet Insurance covers vet visits for accidents and illnesses, as well as services like medication and acupuncture. They also offer no-deductible preventive care packages consisting of wellness exams, three vaccinations, and flea/tick treatments – perfect for peace of mind for you and your pet!

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance offers comprehensive accident and illness coverage, with flexible options for annual limits, deductibles and reimbursement rates. In addition, wellness/preventive care add-ons cover vet visits, heartworm medication and dental cleanings at regular intervals. Moreover, enrollment exams aren’t necessary and plans are competitively priced.

ASPCA stands apart from other providers by not excluding preexisting conditions from its policies; however, it has a 14-day waiting period for accidents, injuries and knee and ligament issues caused by accidents and accidents related to knee issues or accidents related to injuries sustained due to owner neglect, such as organized fighting or guarding activities. Unfortunately the company does not cover prosthetic devices or wheelchairs but will cover 80% of veterinary bills after meeting the deductible amount.

ASPCA requires full medical records dating back several years in order to process claims, which can be an enormous hassle for owners. By contrast, Embrace only requests records within 12 months from vets. Furthermore, Lemonade stands out among competitors due to offering an unlimited annual payout limit and an annual limit on payouts.

Pets Best provides three standard accident and illness plans, plus one wellness option to cover preventative care. Each plan offers customizable deductibles and annual limits as well as access to any licensed veterinarian, 24/7 vet helpline access and annual limits that you set yourself.

PetsBest stands out among pet insurance providers by not excluding pre-existing conditions from its plans, unlike many others. Their plans cover select curable conditions with shorter waiting times for orthopedic issues – 14 days for illnesses and three for accidents (0 in Maine); six months for cruciate ligament injuries.

PetsBest’s claims processing system and mobile app make submitting claims easily, while direct veterinary payment allows customers to avoid paying upfront before being reimbursed later on. In addition, there are valuable educational resources such as blogs with articles for pet parents and comprehensive guides available from PetsBest as well as excellent customer support staff who can be reached via phone, email and fax.


Pet owners should take steps to ease the stress associated with unexpected vet bills by signing up for pet insurance as soon as possible, such as accident-only coverage or comprehensive plans that cover illness and wellness care. It may cost more than initially anticipated so it is wise to enroll their pets as early as possible in such plans. Ultimately premiums can become costly quickly so make sure to act fast!

Before choosing a policy, it is wise to compare prices. Some providers may charge one-time fees or transaction costs that could add significantly to the total plan cost. Furthermore, it would be worthwhile inquiring into their deductible and annual reimbursement limits as these may differ between providers.

Most pet insurance providers set an annual or lifetime maximum payout amount depending on the coverage option you select, typically expressed as a “code”. A high code number requires more out-of-pocket expenses to cover than when using lower code numbers; some pet insurers also have per incident deductibles that you should consider when comparing policies.

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